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With its spectacular golf courses and first class clubhouses, Kenya is home to some of the most spectacular locations for golf, events and travel in Africa. With amazing weather all year round, Kenya is the perfect golfing holiday destination for real adventure. The vast majority of foreign travelers who visit Kenya want to experience the wildlife, and the world's most famous game reserve on hand, there is nowhere better to combine it with golf. The Kenyan coast is fringed with gleaming white sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean.

Kenya's landscape is comprised of mountains, thick jungle, freshwater lakes and vast deserts. Nairobi and Mombasa are 2 of the most interesting cities in the world. Kenya has over 40 golf courses and the game took off thanks to Peter Thomson, an Australian who inaugurated the Kenya Open Championship back in 1967.
The history of Kenyan golf dates back to the colonial era when golf was gifted to them by the early British settlers. During the early 1900s, every District Commissioners constructed their own private golf course and thus was born the majority of the nearly 40 courses across Kenya.

Kenya is the original home of safari – Swahili name for embarking on a journey. From the 1920’s when Earnest Hemingway made his way to the incredibly vast Savannah plains of Kenya and President Roosevelt came hunting for lions, Kenya has maintained its allure attracting wildlife lovers all year round. The climate in Kenya is pleasant throughout the year. Temperatures range from 28 degrees on hot days to 12 degrees centigrade on cool days. Wildlife safaris can be done in Kenya throughout the year. There are animals in the parks all year round so there is no time a Golf safari cannot be done.

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