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New Zealand is home to some of the most jaw-droppingly spectacular golf courses in the world. With dramatic scenery, greenery, long stretches of coast and soaring mountains, New Zealand is a natural playground. Accessibility really sets New Zealand apart from other countries, with a new golf course to try around every corner. Travel from alpine areas to idyllic beachside locations within a few hours. It’s no wonder that golf is the sport with the highest participation from New Zealanders, for both men and women. Kiwis are frank and honest folk and that's one of the great delights and strengths of this stunning country. The other great delight is that the Kiwis have utilized this awesome land to the full and built some world-class golf courses.

New Zealand has more than 400 golf courses. A selection of these have been hand-picked by industry experts and categorized into Marquee Courses and Experience Courses. Marquee golf courses are highly aspirational, with much international interest. Experience golf courses are clustered around the marquee courses and have a fantastic local vibe and charm.

Most people have not thought of New Zealand as a golf destination yet. With such a stunning offerings, this won't last very long!

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